For sale!

The Contest 35 ‘Galena’ recently underwent a substantial refit and is now in an excellent condition. She is a good, safe and quick ocean cruiser, built under LLOYDS approval and with the famous Contest quality suitable for all waters. ‘Galena’ has a spacious interior, that allowes for a comfortable prolonged stay on board for her (tall) owners. Eminently suited for coastal waters, but also for the oceans as a true world cruiser.
‘Galena’ was built as a Contest 35 with built number (35)123 in 1982 by Conyplex in Medemblik, The Netherlands. The boat was exported to France named ‘Yacha’ and stationed in St. Tropez. In 1997 she was sold to a British accountant, who renamed her ‘BoogieMan’ and after several years had her transported to the UK. He sailed her along the English East and South Coasts.
We acquired her in 2014 and named her ‘Galena’ (Godess of the calm sea). She is ready for any voyage. But due to personal circumstances we have to sell.
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